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BelFiore Signature Massage

The aromatic essences of plants can have profound effects on the human body, mind and emotions. This aromatherapy adventure begins as your spa sommelier guides you in choosing one of our ‘flight of five’ aromatherapy blends – I love, I play, I rejoice, I restore, I unwind – to balance your constitution and address your needs in the moment. Hot stones are massaged into the muscles to place you into the deepest of relaxation during this full body experience. Your chosen blend is massaged into your body using styles and techniques which enhance the action of the oil you have chosen.

30 MINUTES | $68

60 MINUTES | $103

90 MINUTES | $148

Aromatherapy Massage Journey

Using the and the Aroma Design Bar, you will create your own unique blend of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. Your custom blend will be applied by the skillful hands of your therapist in a massage designed for you, allowing you to participate in setting the intention for your wellness.

60 MINUTES | $103

90 MINUTES | $148

Hot Stone Massage

Our signature hot stones massage uses a revitalizing, blend of rosemary, ginger, cypress and geranium essential oils. As the stones give their heat deep into the body, they vaporize the essential oil blend creating a relaxing and grounding effect. The warmth of the stones and the essential oils increase circulation while loosening muscles and joints. We finish the treatment with the option of a gentle face massage with cool stones, to naturally tone and lift facial muscles.

60 MINUTES | $103

90 MINUTES | $148

Chakra Balancing Massage

Using 7 luxurious oil blends, each one attuned to one of the seven chakras you become ever more relaxed, energy flows through your system in a more balanced way. We begin with aromatic oils of organic ginger and rosemary that awaken and vitalize all the body’s systems and finish at the scalp with tranquil, fragrant vetiver and high-grown lavender that combine to carry you into a deep reverie.

90 MINUTES | $148

Tranquility & Stillness Massage

Like watching the sunlight dance over the water, this massage is designed to release tensions in the body and mind, inviting a peaceful mindset. Perfect to relieve stress and instill a calm alertness, it uses a delicate blend of violet leaf, lemon, mint and sandalwood essential oils. This soothing, full-body massage uses light to medium pressure to calm and relax the nervous system. It finishes with stillness holds on the head lulling you into a state of deep peace.

30 MINUTES | $53

60 MINUTES | $83

90 MINUTES | $128

Repair & Restore Massage

Restore your body’s natural well-being with this medium pressure full body massage using firmer pressure in a chronic problem area. A combination of relaxing strokes and deeper massage techniques will unwind tight muscles minimize adhesions and restore range of motion.

30 MINUTES | $63

60 MINUTES | $98

90 MINUTES | $143

Unwind & Rebalance Massage

Blends of potent, pain-relieving arnica, relaxing sweet marjoram and healing lavender are used for this penetrating therapeutic massage. We target areas of pain or tension with deep tissue and targeted trigger points to loosen the entire body. Finally, a concentrated arnica salve will be applied to areas where deep work has happened, to enhance muscle relief. The perfect thing whether you have worked out hard or simply feel tense all over – your muscles will be on the way to feeling relaxed, supple, and completely refreshed.

30 MINUTES | $73

60 MINUTES | $108

90 MINUTES | $153


Personalize your own sensory journey (also available scent free) as specially trained therapists work to relieve pain associated with back ache, leg cramps, headaches and sinus congestion. Recipient must be 13 weeks or more with pregnancy.

30 MINUTES | $68

60 MINUTES | $103


Enjoy a Signature Quench Massage with your sweetheart in our couple’s room. Includes champagne and chocolates.

60 MINUTES | $206