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Aroma Design Body Treatment

After making your personal Aroma Design Blend, we will infuse it into a refining polish and rich, smooth body butter to create your unique aromatic therapy for a hydrating relaxing experience from head to toe.

60 MINUTES | $124

RADIANT Body Treatment

Like a ray of sunshine this treatment inspires positive thoughts and a sense of optimism. The bright warm scent of chamomile, lemon, amber and vanilla inspire calm and clarity. Your skin is nourished by a soft sugar exfoliation leaving it satin soft and then it is drenched in a deeply hydrating shea butter cream for the ultimate “show me the sunshine” skin. Whether you are getting ready to for summer sun or recovering after the summer this treatment will make your skin soft and RADIANT.

60 MINUTES | $108

Chamomile & Jasmine Body Buff

Rediscover the full beauty of your skin. We begin by lightly massaging warmed aromatherapy oil into the body. Then a dusting of honey and wild sage flowers with organic grains is sifted onto your skin. After buffing and removal with luxurious hot towel compresses, your skin is swathed in a hydrating mask of shea butter cream. Once the butter is smoothed onto your skin, relax in a soft cocoon wrap and enjoy a soothing scalp massage while the skin softening nutrients are absorbed.

60 MINUTES | $148

Total Body Renewal

Treat yourself to this total body distressing treatment. Raw sugarcane will buff and smooth away dry textured skin. A beautiful blend of organic fruit and herbs are then applied to you while you’re cocooned in warm towels. This body renewal is completed with a luxurious application of rich body soufflé to hydrate and renew your skins natural glow.

* Contact our spa concierge to learn more about our seasonal treatments.

60 MINUTES | $108

Body Wrap Enhancement for Cellulite and Firming Treatments

Let our experts treat and target problem areas to precisely tone and contour your body. Spicy and circulatory ingredients work like a detox system to flush away toxins that cling to fat cells. The use of Hungarian Paprika will firm and smooth the skin while honey will provide a soothing, hydrated result. This treatment will firm and tighten skin and overall leave you shapely and beautiful.

PER AREA | $20


A healthy, relaxing, herbal wrap that will temporarily take off unwanted inches and tighten skin in just one hour.

60 MINUTES | $133


Your vacation may have ended… but your tan does not have to! Tan without skin damage or the harmful side effects of the sun.